Concrete Finishes

There are several options when it comes to the final appearance of concrete.  Listed below are the options that I currently offer.

Form Finish is the typical concrete finish found in construction.  It is fairly uniform in color and texture.

Ground Finish is simply removing the form finish to reveal the aggregate.

Shellac can be added to either form finish or ground finish.  I started using it to add significant contrast between the aggregate (rocks) and the matrix (cement & sand).

I will add examples of bare vs. shellac soon.  The pictures will do a much better job of explaining the difference.

Two-Part Epoxy adds a protective layer against stains and is ideal for table tops or anything in contact with your food; it is the same stuff on bar tops and restaurant tables.  The epoxy is crystal clear and can be high gloss or flat.

Etching is something I just started doing by request.  With a special tool, I can chip away the cured concrete with words or pictures.  This is limited to my artistic ability, but it does make the frame or table much more personal.

Embedded items such as shells, bolt, gears, wood or just about anything can be embedded in concrete.  Light grinding is often used to fully expose the items.

Reliefs or impressions of leafs, sticks, hand prints and so on are another option.  The items used to make the reliefs are typically discarded after a single use.  Fortunately, my daughters hands have been recovered.

No Pictures yet.

Acid Staining is included here in addition to the Concrete Color page because it is applied after the casting.  More information will be posted after sufficient work had been done with stains.

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