8″x10″ Picture Frames

This is a very common size.  It works well displayed vertically or horizontally.

The Details: Frame will fit a 8″x10″ photo.
It could certainly be matted down for your needs.
Frame made from 8000psi fiber-reinforced concrete.
Aluminum backing easily secured with screws.
Clear Optix Acrylic (20x stronger than glass).
Can be form finish or ground to expose aggregate.
Only weighs 7.75 lbs. Hanging cable provided.

I can make it in numerous colors, see my color options.

Purchase: The 8″x10″ frame starts at $40.  Check out frames currently for sale on my Etsy site.

The Gallery:

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  2. Nicholas says:

    Do you make these to size? If so how big would you go?

    • Hi Nicolas,
      I do make custom sizes. The biggest I have made so far is my diploma frame. It has an opening of 17″x20″. Outside dimensions are 24″x27″. Weight is 55 lbs. Hanging is simple with OOK 100lb hanger in 1/2″ sheetrock. The size restriction I face is the lifting and handling (me), so I could go up to 100 lbs or so. I have an 85 lb table that wasn’t a problem. What did you have in mind?

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